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"Mechi Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

The Mechi Chamber of Commerce and Industry established with the establishment of Mechinagar Municipality, has crossed many climatic developments. In this period the union has gained lots of success. This organization was established by registering at District Administration Office, Jhapa on 31th December 1997 and was given an opportunity to get membership of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industries. Mechi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 3 years after the establishment of Jhapa CommerceAssocialtion, Kakarvatta, and after about 5 years later branchDhulabari was adjusted to the union.

1. It was not common for the organization established under the leadership of Founder Chairman Mr.Pananalal Jain to take over the responsibility of the organization by conducting limited source resources. He was successful in his tenure successfully due to the enthusiasm and coordinated role of that time. There is a source of inspiration for us as well as the parent role of the entire founding committee and elders. Due to the challenges and responsibilities of the prosperous future by renting a small room at the establishment, today, we are encouraging the promotion and promotion of rights of all the entrepreneurs and the various activities/Collaborating with associates and organizations of your partner/cooperation of organizations with our personal building.

2. Fourth tenure, under the leadership of President Mr. BijayDalmiya, the Union succeeded to make its history more conducive and accessible flexibility.In the same period, construction of Upper House of Union Secretariat Building, as an excellent model of the concept of Sanessa, association with Meinchinagar Municipality and Amida Nepal, in collaboration with them, construction of Mechi Hospital in Dhulabari and starting service from 15 bed Hospital in first phase, the flow of brotherhood and commercial unity among the SAARC countries. One objective was organized for the first time in history of assistance on behalf of the private sector, represented by the SAARC car rally opportunities, the important achievements of this work are to realize the ambulance service requirement and purchase new ambulance from personal resources. These are the important achievement of this tenure.

3. The fifth tenure was led by Mr.Keshav Raj Pandey. During the period, the association with Minchinagar Municipal Corporation has led to further work with the priorities of the operation of various schemes and programs, and did significant work in social, educational, religious, sports and other sectors. According to the continuity of this, intention to resolve permanent drinking water problem in the Kakarvitta area was done by the internal resources of the Drinking Water Consumer Committee in the municipalities of the municipality, the UNDP and this association. In this process, 4 (four) kattha land at Dhulabari area was purchased in Mechinagar-10, for the purpose of building the modern and facilitate Secretariat building.

4. For the sixth tenure of the Union, Mr.BijayDalmiya took the lead of second work. In this work, the union had coordinated role in promoting the first Salakpur orange festival and the promotion of the Asian Rural Tourism Festival. Successful collections of relief and distribution work through the Mechi campaign for the great monument in the country was organized, commercial renewable funds, as well as second-ever Regional Industrial Trade, Agriculture and Tourism Festival was successfully organized . Women's entrepreneurial groups for the development of women entrepreneurship were launched on loan rates at the low interest rates. During this work, the association of "B" class companies across the country had received the opportunity to be awarded as an Excellent Association of Commerce Committees.

5. The seventh term of the Union was held by Mr. PankajBikramNembang. In this process, the program was promoted to the Federation of Nepal Industry commerce as a great association in the "social and economic development at the local level" in the event of the program, including programs for promotion of daily waste collection and management of Mechinagar, tax revenues and seminars of business training.

6. The union and the Federation of Commerce and Commerce Unions, among the excellent districts of the district, are the best associations of the group, which will be organized by the Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the occasion of industry commerce day every year, as the second and third task of the organization led by Mr. Narendra Kumar Khadka. Third year of establishment. In the year 2057, he had received the status of award-winning and rewarding.Similarly, Nepal Chamber of Commerce also included in the year 2061, the Honorable District / Municipal Industry Commerce Association -2061 honored the award.In the same tenure, the association organized Nepal-Bangladesh Industrial and Trade Fair organized in Bangladesh with cooperation with Panchgarh Industry Commerce Association of Bangladesh.The association was organized by the international level 'Purwanchal Industrial Fair and Tourism Festival-2061' at Birtamod of Jhapa, in successful implementation of projects under public private partnership concept. Government of Nepal and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the operation of the program, including the choice of Mechinagar and the union may succeed in public private Various program selection projects, operations related to the partnership, were possible in this process.

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